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It’s a NEW year…do you need a NEW plan?

We’ve all been there. Life is hectic and we get busy. As we get older, time seems to go faster than it used to. Before we know it…another year has passed before our eyes, and once again we are setting new years resolutions for ourselves that are vaguely similar as the previous five years.

It happens to the best of us. We fall into our respective routines and days turn into weeks, weeks into years, and our biggest accomplishments seem to be the completion of a full day’s to-do list with little time left to think about our long-term goals. Heck, sometimes planning a mere vacation can seem an overly daunting task.

This is similar to the professional setting, right? Typically time is set aside for an annual appraisal to review accomplishments and set new personal goals. At the very least we analyze our goals during budget season, but often we find our best laid plans were overthrown by the daily demands of the job. Especially in this world of new technologies and demanding expectations, it can seem nearly impossible to complete your routine daily tasks much less your big dreams.

So what do we do?

Simply put, make a plan. Think long-term where you want to be and set simple, attainable goals to help you accomplish your dreams.

Discipline yourself to stay on track through the daily chaos and hold yourself accountable. As they say, you can eat an elephant one bite at a time…bon appetit!

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