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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (planning time!)

It’s the Advent of Advent. How prepared are you? KPC can help.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about when (or if) fall decor will make an appearance at your home this year, only to be overwhelmed by every Christmas adornment known to man as soon as you set foot in your local emporium of choice.

If this is you, I know what you’re thinking…we still have two weeks until Halloween! And you’d be right, but we all know the drill and retail is SO GOOD at it! They begin developing a Christmas strategy while most of us are still lounging poolside.

For those of us who work in the Church, the Advent season, which begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas (November 27 this year), is a spiritually significant time. In fact, we’re in the Advent of Advent, and now is the time to develop a strategy for each of the following:

  • How will you prepare the faithful for Christ’s birth? – You could provide additional digital and print content, perhaps prayerful Advent microblogs/emails, and other resources to support spiritual growth. It’s important to communicate any additional events, Confession opportunities, retreats, or missions, as well as any additional Mass times or changes in Mass times to accommodate an influx of Massgoers.

  • How will you reach out to those who attend church on holidays? – For some, Christmas and Easter are the only times they will go to Mass this year. That’s why it’s so important to communicate with this audience right now. Consider sending a postcard or other direct mail piece to homes within your parish boundary, including an invitation to Advent services/events and Christmas Masses. And identify how you will extend a welcoming atmosphere to new faces in your church this Christmas.

  • Do you have a plan to invite the unchurched to join you? – This can also be a time of outreach and evangelism to the unchurched.Targeted digital campaigns can drive this audience to your website, where they can learn more about Christ’s mission of salvation. Once there, you can invite them to engage in the life of your church/parish in a variety of ways, including Advent activities.

KPC can help with your Advent preparations. Sign-up here for a FREE thirty-minute consultation:

Tell us your current plans and we’ll offer expert feedback and suggestions to help you put together a solid MARCOM strategy. It’s just another way that Katie Pesha Consulting is connecting people, processes, and purpose – this Advent and always!

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