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The Cobbler’s Son

Almost two years ago I announced the birth of my new business, Katie Pesha Consulting. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to partner with a few amazing organizations to aid in their integrated marketing efforts. I also started adjunct teaching at a few local colleges and universities - mostly marketing classes. Oh, and I had my fourth child!

It has been an amazing journey so far, but guess what I had not done. You guessed it...prepared my own marketing plan and branding strategy for KP Consulting. As they say, “the cobbler’s son has no shoes!”

So here I am, happy to announce that I am “all in!” My website has been redesigned, my new business cards have arrived and I am ready to expand my clientele. Let me know what you think.

I will be unveiling some of my recent work in the coming weeks, as well, so stay tuned!

If you find yourself in need of marketing and/or branding assistance, please reach out. kp

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