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Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Year!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Grow your team? Improve internal communication? Embrace a culture of co-responsibility?

If you’re still looking for a professional New Year’s resolution, we suggest focusing on our top 5 takeaways from the McGrath Institute for Church Life’s Church Communications Ecology Program at the University of Notre Dame.

The Church Communications Ecology Program provides a learning community in which parish leaders, communications professionals, pastors and educators develop a deeper understanding of the social and psychological effects that digital tools are having on individuals and communities.

This year, resolve to:

  1. Be authentic and vulnerable.

  2. Embrace co-responsibility.

  3. Be more intentional about staffing and training.

  4. Think like a hybrid church.

  5. Build connections.

So, what do each of these mean exactly?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll use this six-part series, Resolve, to explore each of these concepts in a little more depth, and offer insights on how to apply them to your team.

Please plan to join me on this journey, and enjoy what our team has to offer!

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