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Why St. Francis de Sales?

Today Catholic communicators working to advance the mission of the Church in the modern world gathered for a “micro-retreat” to reconnect to our vocation.

Francis de Sales is the patron saint of authors and journalists, and his feast day is a special way to connect to our mission as Catholic Communicators. As a missionary, no one would open their door when he knocked. Instead, he began to hand-write simple explanations of the Catholic faith, then slide them under people’s doors - the original geofencing!  Learn more about his remarkable life here. 

For Catholic Communicators today, his Feast Day is an important moment in shaping our message for the year. There are three key moments in celebrating this day:

  • In September of 2023, Pope Francis announced the theme: “Artificial intelligence and wisdom of the heart: for a fully human communication.”

  • On January 24, we share in the Feast of St. Francis de Sales: Pope Francis released a special message for Catholic Communicators: Artificial Intelligence and the Wisdom of the Heart: Towards a Fully Human Communication

  • On May 12, we will celebrate the World Day of Communication! This is a great time to remind parishioners and friends of all the ways in which we communicate with the connected parishioners, those who may be visiting our parish, the wider community, and more.

A special thank you to everyone who joined us for Mass at Ascension Catholic Church in Chesterfield, and for lunch, fellowship and reflection afterward! We look forward to praying and growing together in 2024!

"At this time in history, which risks becoming rich in technology and poor in humanity, our reflections must begin with the human heart. Only by adopting a spiritual way of viewing reality, only by recovering a wisdom of the heart, can we confront and interpret the newness of our time...the heart is seen as the place of freedom and decision-making." - Pope Francis

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