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Are you Social Media Savvy?

Social Media is an obvious platform to consider when planning your marketing strategy. It’s an easy, affordable and effective way to reach a variety of audiences with your message. Once you’re able to identify your target audience, a large selection of platforms are available to you.

In this new year as you consider if/how/where to incorporate social media into your marketing efforts, I would recommend reviewing this article from HubSpot about the 2020 demographics of most platforms. As you consider “who” you want to reach, consider which medium will provide the greatest opportunities for your brand.

Don’t just default to the typical platform(s) - be creative with your messaging and approach. And don’t feel compelled to use every platform. Be strategic and methodical. If you stretch your resources too thin, you won’t have the greatest impact.

Start with this post from HubSpot - it provides a great context behind each platform. And remember, even if social media is foreign to you or your organization, it’s still important. People are obviously there. And if you’re intimidated, consider asking for help because if you don’t get your organization out there, someone else will put you there and you’ll lose control of your message.

If you need help with preparing a marketing and/or social media strategy, please don’t hesitate to contact me. kp

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