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Authenticity in Action

In each of the brand development and integrated marketing plans we prepare for clients, the KP Consulting team emphasizes the importance of authenticity. From a logo, lockup, and type treatment, to the interactions customers experience when they visit a website or call an office, each choice will strengthen or weaken a brand.

The goal was to help the wider community connect to their four key mission themes: Hope, Compassion, Reverence, and Connection. Each piece conveys the beauty of the natural landscape, the warmth of connection, and reminds us of the Blessed Hope, the life of the world to come.

Every touch point is an opportunity to build this brand, and invite customers to build a relationship with your mission. As you approach every encounter with a customer, ministry volunteer or stakeholder, it is key to remain authentic and vulnerable. Be accessible and real. Lead with truth in love.

“This can be an emotionally charged time as people plan for the event of their own death, or make arrangements following the death of a loved one,” notes Matt DeWitt, Managing Director of Services. For his team at Catholic Cemeteries each day is an opportunity to step into a “lived'' and active religion.

The memorial planning advisors, office staff, and grounds keepers all work together to maintain each of the seventeen locations, and to build multi-generational relationships with families they serve. Through this model, they can take an individualized, relationship-based approach to communication.

Tablet, Phone, Postcard
The 2022 Lenten Campagin reached people via email, the website, social media, and direct mail postcards.

“We’ve reshaped our offices at Resurrection to feature our new tagline, Await the Blessed Hope - it’s the first thing people see when they walk in the door.” The bright coral-colored walls and polished white terrazzo floors give the whole space a bright, refreshing atmosphere.

“Whether people are coming for a planning meeting or just picking up a prayer card and a map, we want them to feel welcome,” DeWitt said.

Special Projects Coordinator Matt Deken manages the communication plan, social media and eNews - as well as the weekly Lenten reflections that were emailed to subscribers. “Our ministry is to offer hope as people remember their loved ones, show compassion for those who are grieving, and connect the wider St. Louis community to the history of our grounds.”

To maintain the reverence of these sacred spaces, decorations are removed seasonally throughout the year. “Decoration removal inquiries are one of the most frequent type of call we receive here,” Matt Deken notes. “Each year, our cards feature a floral arrangement in purple, the color associated with dignity and remembrance. Prayer cards are also available - people can pick one up and take them along to pray at the resting place of a loved one when they visit.”

For the Catholic Cemeteries’ team, creating space to give and receive quality attention is key to their mission and ministry work. Through these encounters, they are also able to equip Cemetery visitors to carry this message forward into the world, once they leave the offices.


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