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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Welcome to the final week!

As we conclude our “Resolve” series, this week we focus on what a hybrid community requires to be successful: a team-based approach. We know that effective digital creativity and technological experimentation thrive in a collaborative framework. Implementing this successfully requires a team-based approach.

First, look for ways to collaborate and cooperate with neighboring and/or like-minded organizations that share your mission. We are partners working towards a common mission, not competitors trying to drown out other voices. In our first post, we talked about Mr. Rogers’ approach to communication:

Mister Rogers was patient, methodical, inquisitive, intentional, caring. Above all, he was a genuinely authentic human being. He said “Growth comes from giving care, not from control.” He created a space for dialogue and said the space between us is holy ground.

Consider the space between like-minded organizations and ministries as the holy ground where something new can grow and thrive.

Next, dismantle the silos that prevent innovation. Ensure that you have the right people in the right roles to continue growing and look for new opportunities to collaborate with one another. As we enter more fully into this new apostolic age, success will entail more community and collaboration than we might currently be accustomed to.

Finally, commit to continued growth. Check out some great resources for building ongoing collaboration here:

Celebrate collaboration in intentional high-profile ways. When ministries make an effort to cooperate and consolidate, be sure to elevate these partnerships, learn from what works well, and highlight success among ministry teams with special, personalized recognition.

Homework: Review your programs, ministries and service offerings, and look for opportunities to work together that will help you grow together as a team, save time, and spark creativity.

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